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Thomas Outreach


Sarah Morey our TOP (Thomas Outreach Programme) worker, is able to provide a flexible intervention service for pre-school children with social communication or autistic spectrum difficulties. 

  • Where?  She supports the child to learn both in their home and pre-school right through to the first term of Year R
  • How often?  Typically once a week. 
  • For how long?  Each child is given an allocated amount of time, depending on their situation.  This will be anywhere between 5-15 hours per week and includes paperwork, preparation and travel time for the TOP worker. 
  • Is it specific to them? Yes.  All teaching intervention is tailored to meet the child’s individual needs.
  • Do we need to a diagnosis?  No.  Children do not need a diagnosis to be referred to this programme
  • How do we refer?  Referrals can be made through a variety of Health professionals – for example Health Visitors, Speech and Language Therapists, Area Inclusion Officer or by contacting Sarah Morey directly on 01420 87675 or email:






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