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Avoid choking hazards

Young children have narrow airways and are still learning to chew, breathe and swallow in the right order - add talking or moving around and it gets really complicated!


Here are some simple steps to help keep your child safe:

  • STAY – Stay with children when they’re eating – it’s the biggest thing you can do for them
  • STILL – Get children to sit still – it can be a battle but it’s much safer


Small round food, such as grapes and cherry tomatoes should be cut lengthways and into quarters.  

Large fruit and vegetables such as melon or apple and carrot should be cut into longer thinner slices instead of small chunks.



If inhaled, a balloon or bits of a broken balloon can seal a child’s airway. They can be very hard to remove.

So, avoid giving young children balloons to blow up and clear away any broken bits straight away.


Remember, anything smaller than a 2 pence piece can choke a young child.

Think carefully about the toys and food you give your child.


Click on the link below to find out what to do if your child is choking:

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