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At Bushy Leaze we may be having fun, but we are also learning!  Our high quality activities are well planned and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum:


1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    Encouraging children to:

  • be independent, to develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  • share, be co-operative and to develop a sense of fair play
  • respect each other and to express their emotions appropriately
  • to develop an awareness of other people's lives
  • to have a sense of wonder and curiosity 


2. Communication and Language

    Encouraging children to:

  • talk freely to adults and children
  • expand their vocabulary and sentence structure
  • listen carefully
  • deepen understanding of language


3.  Physical Development

     Encouraging children to:

  • move confidently and imaginatively with increasing control and co-ordination and awareness of space and others
  • use a range of small and large equipment and balancing and climbing apparatus, with increasing skill handle appropriate tools, objects, construction and malleable material safely and with increasing control
  • beginning to understand about healthy choices and being safe


4.  Literacy

     Encouraging child to:

  • love stories, songs and rhymes
  • be interested in letters and sounds
  • enjoy a range of books


5.  Mathematics

     Encouraging children to:

  • think about solutions
  • learn about shapes, colours, size, time and money in very practical activities
  • begin to count, order and do simple addition and subtraction in everyday activities
  • be interested in numbers in the environment


6.  Understanding the World

     Encouraging child to:

  • explore living and made things
  • talk about their environment, families and familiar places
  • select materials and equipment and use such skills as joining, folding and building for a variety of purposes
  • use technology, where appropriate to support their learning 


7.  Expressive Arts and Design

     Encouraging children to:

  • explore sound, colour, texture, shape, form and space in two and three dimensions
  • respond in a variety of ways to what the hear, see, smell, touch, feel and taste
  • show an increasing ability to use their imagination through art, music, dance, stories and role-play


The Characteristics of Effective Learning underpin all of our learning and they are:

  • Playing and Exploring
    • showing curiosity
    • being willing to have a go
    • playing with what they know


  • Active Learning
    • persisting and not giving up
    • being fully involved
    • enjoying what they do


  • Creating and thinking critically
    • solving problems
    • finding new ways of doing things
    • making links

The Learning and Development of your Child at Bushy Leaze

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