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Our Nursery is a Hampshire maintained school with capacity for at least 90 children - with a minimum of 60 mainstream places available for children and 30 for children with identified special educational needs. 


A further 15 additional children, aged 2-3yrs who meet the eligibility criteria for free nursery education can be admitted. 


Free childcare

Every child is entitled to 15 hours a week, free learning and care in an Early Years setting once they reach 3 years old.  This begins from the start of the term following their third birthday, and covers 38 weeks in a full year. 


Places may also be available for a limited number of children who are eligible for the 30 hour free childcare for working families.  These places are only available in maintained nursery schools once children eligible for 15 hours have been placed and are subject to DfE confirmation of eligibility.


2 year olds

Fun at Bushy Leaze is not restricted to children over 3 years.  We now have a 2 year old room, where your child can begin their Bushy adventure; additional hours are also available; both of which are parent funded. 


If spaces are available, parents may be able to self-fund additional hours.


If you wish to find out more about applying for your child to attend nursery please see information below, including our Admission Policy.  Alternatively, if you have any further queries or wish to put your child's name down on our future waiting list, please ...

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