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The future funding of Bushy Leaze remains in question, as the Government has not committed to maintained nursery schools’ funding beyond August 2020.  Unless the Government changes course, all of the 392 maintained nursery schools, including Bushy Leaze, will be looking at a 30% cut in funding, with some possibly facing closure.

If you wish Bushy Leaze to remain as a community school and provide the high level of service expected of its staff, please make your concerns/opinions known by simply -

  1. Signing the petition, either held at Reception or by visiting
  2. Share this with everyone you know, so they can add their voice
  3. Write to your MP and ask for his support
    Damian Hinds


If every member of our community lends their voice, together we will make this issue impossible to ignore. 


Thank you for your time and support in advance.

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