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We hope you had a lovely half term.


This week we are going to be thinking about 'looking after others'. Playing with teddies and dolls is a great way to think and talk about early self-help skills.  Here's some ideas for things you could try at home:


Comb or brush dolly or teddy's hair - it might be nice to do this in front of the mirror.  Your child could do this whilst you are brushing their hair.  You could even set up a hairdressers and make a gown for everyone!


Give dolly a bath (or teddy if it's sunny outside!).  You could use a baby bath or a washing up bowl.  Have discussions about what dolly might prefer (a warm bath or a cold bath, might she like bubbles?).  How should we fill the bath?  Which containers shall we use?  Big ones or little ones?


Brush dolly or teddy's teeth.  Use an old brush to practice brushing dolly's teeth - you can even add a little bit of toothpaste (although teddy might be less keen).  This might be an opportunity to brush your child's teeth at the same time if this is a challenging part of the day!


Put some clothes on dolly or teddy - or maybe even a nappy!  This might help toileting conversations if your child is ready - 'teddy still needs a nappy, but you are getting to be such a big boy/girl that you don't need to wear one anymore.  Maybe teddy can have your old nappies?'


Take dolly or teddy for a walk in the buggy to help them to have a nap.


EARLIER LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Spend more time looking in the mirror and talking about the different parts to our face.  Can you point to your mouth? Can you touch your hair?


EXTENSION IDEAS: Try hosting a teddy bears picnic.  There are lots of opportunities for discussion about eating and drinking, as well as chances to practice our one to one correspondence - each teddy needs 1 cup etc.

Have a lovely week and we look forward to hearing about what you have been up to. 

Below you will find ways in which you can support your child's learning at home:


The government have produced some new guidance and resources for parents with children in the early years, to support their children’s learning at home during the Covid-19 outbreak. You will find the new content on 


Twinkl: Online learning resources for children in the Early Years up to the end of Primary School


Activity Village have lots of activities for young children to enjoy


The Literacy Trust have a section for Early Years where you will find tools for resources for early language development


Hungry Little Minds is a website for parents of children from birth to five years.  It is full of fun activities and games


Tiny Happy People is a BBC website full of activities for children in their early years, to support with communication skills


Over 100 ideas for indoors activities to do with kids. The weblink has instructions for things like making playdough. Write these on small bits of paper and make a ‘choice pot’ for the children to choose what they do


30 day LEGO challenge


Facebook group sharing ideas and online events


Paw Print Badges - Free challenge packs and other downloads. Many activities can be completed indoors. Badges cost, but are optional.


Cbeebies Radio - Listening activities for the younger ones


Blue Peter Badges


ELSA Support - A list of activities and ideas 


Orchard toys - Activity sheets and things to do for little ones


WWF Fun quizzes to do at home


The Science Centre in Winchester have launched Science@Home, weekly challenges, facts, DIY science, fun activities that all the family can get involved in 


Free educational resources 


Empowering Little Minds – Contain a section called ‘resources’. Here you will find free downloadable resources to support children in the Early Years and with SEN. Lots of good sensory play ideas


Activity village have lots of activities for young children to enjoy. Head to the 'school closure' section for a free activity pack


Red Ted Art - Easy arts and crafts for little ones


The Imagination Tree - Creative art and craft activities for the very young 


Nature Detectives - A lot of these can be done in the garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location! 


Joe Wicks is offering a free daily P.E. session for all children via YouTube. Login at 9am daily for your 30 minute session or watch later in the day. Fun exercise for all the family  Alternatively, visit  Andy's Wild Workouts on CBeebies, which is especially for pre-school children


ERIC: For some of you, this may be a perfect opportunity to start toilet training.   ERIC is a fabulous website with excellent advice, and is recommended by the health visiting team.






















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