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History of our centre

Bushy Leaze started life as a Hospital School at the Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, where many children were recuperating after major surgery, sometimes staying at the hospital for up to a year.  Over time it became a special needs nursery based in a wooden cabin at the hospital site.  It was named after the adjacent Bushy Leaze Wood. 


In 1996 the nursery moved to its present site in the town and became a Hampshire County Council maintained nursery school.  At the same time it became fully inclusive, offering half the places to mainstream children from the local community and half to children with Special Educational Needs. 


In 2008 there was extensive building work in order to incorporate a Surestart Children’s Centre on site. Following funding cuts in 2016, Surestart no longer existed.  Being aware of the much needed support the team offered to families both locally and within the surrounding areas, The Bushy Leaze Community Support Fund was set up, so the Family Support Team could continue to work with families with children aged 0-5 years.   


A further multipurpose room was added in 2011 to extend the range of activities we could offer. Due to these expansions, we now have up to 100 places, which includes 30 children with SEN.  We are proud of our growth and development, and our ability to meet the needs of a wide range of children with whom we work.  


We are very proud of our place at the heart of our community.   Everything we do is with children and families in mind.  We are always looking for opportunities to develop further and work to respond to the needs of the community.  We welcome families and professionals to visit our Centre and see for themselves what we do.


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