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Children 5-19yrs

Alton Buckle


Alton Buckle begins where Bushy Leaze ends; supporting families with children aged 5-19 years. 


Parenting is tough.  Children don't come with a manual and sometimes life is full of obstacles and hurdles.  It can feel overwhelming, but we can help. 


Our support is tailored to the needs of each family, providing parenting programmes and behavioural strategies enabling you to create a nurturing home environment where your child can flourish.  Each of the families that we work with have their own challenges and make-up; some live with behavioural issues, social challenges, domestic violence or poor health and wellbeing, whilst others are just having a really tough time at the moment and need a helping hand. We can support you through your challenges with:


  • 1:1 sessions - it’s important to us that our families feel safe and comfortable, so we will visit you in your home for these sessions.


  • Group work – we have a variety of parenting programmes which we offer across the region, both here at the ABC Building or in any one of our schools or community buildings.


  • Advocacy – where required, we can assist you at school and other professional meetings, helping you to receive the most appropriate level of support for your situation.


  • Signposting - Alton Buckle has an extensive network of professionals that we can call upon when needed.



Our programmes


  • Understanding your Child's Behaviour

A 6 week course on understanding how children work and how to get the best out of them, managing behaviour and expectations and how to create a calm, stable home environment.


  • The Nurturing Programme

A 10 week course providing you with the tools to develop both a nurturing  relationship with your child and a caring home environment.


  • From Timid to Tiger 

A 10 week course providing a new approach to parenting anxious children.


  • Teenage information evenings

Evening sessions providing you with the necessary information to keep your children safe and healthy, these range from sexual & mental health to risky behaviours including drugs, alcohol and sexting.



Family Support Drop-in Sessions


Once a month, our Family Support Team will be available to you on a drop-in basis.  If you feel in need of some  support or parenting advice, please come along for coffee and a chat.  You can find us at the ABC Building which is attached to Wootey Infant School.



Who we support


We support families from the 17 Alton Cluster schools (in Alton, Bentley, Bentworth, Binsted, Chawton, Medstead, Rowledge and Selborne) and those of RAF Odiham.  The majority of our referrals come from these places, however, we also have close ties with police, community, council, health, voluntary and SEN organisations amongst others.  Parents are also able to self-refer so please get in touch if you think we can help.   



Why might I need help?


​​There are many reasons why parents seek our support.  Perhaps you are struggling with ​your child’s behaviour at home or at school and would like to create more positive interactions with your child; or maybe you are dealing with the impact of separation or bereavement, or have a child with anxiety or SEN issues; or it could be that you just need someone to talk to about being a parent to increase your confidence and self-esteem.



What else do we do?


  • Alton Buckle also provides opportunities for knowledge sharing and joint projects between agencies who work with children.   We host a Professionals' Forum and a Community Forum, both of which are held termly.  If you work with families and children, why not join us to find out more about what we do and how we could make a difference together through the Children’s Partnership.

  • Some of our families also have access to our ROHAG (Reach Out and Have A Go) fund which subsidises children’s activities giving them the opportunity to try something new and spend time with their peers.  Please contact your school to see if you are eligible.


Please contact: Jen Hammersley, Alton Buckle Co-ordinator, for more information:


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